Critical Infrastructure Employer 

Thanks for registering as a Critical Infrastructure Employer
with Capstone Clinics. 

Form: New Client Information Sheet – COVID Testing Only


Local resident employees can access one of the testing locations after pre-registration at the date and time they entered during pre-registration.

Employees will arrive at the testing location and a temperature with screening questions will be documented and a swab of the nose will be collected.

Employees will be directed to strictly quarantine until results are back.

During the post test quarantine, employees should follow their employer’s COVID prevention plan.

When results are available, employers and employees will be advised.


Out of State employees will be screened through the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport testing/screening station.

Upon deboarding the aircraft, travelers should proceed to the B Concourse and follow signage to the testing site, located across from Humpy’s restaurant.

Once tested, employees will be released and should follow their employer’s established quarantine protocols.

All Out of State employees will be released with instructions reminding them of Health Mandate 10 and the requirement to Quarantine according to their employer’s plan.

If a passenger screens positive or has a temperature, employers will be notified and treatment coordinated for the employee by the employer.

Positive screens will need to be escorted from the airport directly to employer provided quarantine facilities.




As of now we no longer offer PCR testing, we now perform a TMA (transcription-mediated amplification test)

Employers should be prepared to handle positive cases and prolonged recovery in their locality of testing.


Thank you and have a great season!

Employers are responsible for ensuring their approach to employee safety meets applicable requirements found in various State of Alaska Health Mandates.

Call Capstone clinic to get more information on critical infrastructure testing sites for your employees at (907) 864-4642.


We have several options for employers to screen and test their employees.

COVID PRICING - Capstone Self Pay Rates

At this time, Capstone is still not collecting payments from our tested individuals presenting to our commercial sites.  However, in the event that we are forced to bill and collect from patients, after the Public Health Emergency is no longer in place, below are the self-pay rates for uninsured members needing COVID testing without any insurance coverage to offset the cost. 

Service CPT Code Billed Charge: Self Pay
COVID: Collection 99211 $25.00
COVID: Rapid 87635 $85.00
COVID: TMA U0003 $85.00

Wasilla - Sears Testing Clinic

1000 S Seward Meridian Pkwy, Wasilla, AK 99654 

Testing Hours:

Mon-Fri 8 AM to 4 PM

For info on testing or results,  Call: (907) 864-4642

***Trusted Testing Partner for Hawaii***

Anchorage - 100 East 104th

100 East 104th Avenue,
Anchorage, Alaska 99515


We are a Hawaii Trusted Testing Partner

 Testing Hours

Mon-Fri 8 AM to 4 PM

Mobile Unit Testing/Results

Testing for COVID-19 is recommended to those with symptoms, those who have had close contact with someone who has confirmed COVID-19, and others who are referred by medical providers or state health authorities.  Other situations where testing may be indicated are for certain travel and prior to certain medical procedures.

For more information please see the  CDC guidelines for testing,

Capstone offers several different testing types based on clinical need.  Testing is performed on machines with Emergency Use Authorizations issued by the FDA.  Results will take 24-48 hours in most cases.

There are specific instances where molecular-based testing using a “rapid” testing device may be appropriate.  Patients with serious illness, some pre-surgical patients, and other time-critical testing may be possible based on resource availability.